The Buffer Conversation

Author’s Note: As you all know, I’m in the business of making things up. However, real life can be just as extraordinary. Here is my latest conversation with a WordPress friend regarding her blog post and its redistribution. I use an app called Buffer. The conversation went as follows.

This is What it Means to Write

 In spilled ink are truths found As we bleed across pages Stanzas formed from our pain Paragraphs, our experiences Waiting for those rivers of us To congeal into certainties Certain kinds of truth Yet like the blood in our wounds They merely crust As imperfect finishes Upon imperfect souls They scab. They hurt This […]

50 Word Stories: A Writer’s Life

 Author's note: Unlike almost all my 50 word posts, the following actually happened. I kid you not. "Really! Have you been published?" "Yes, many times." "And?" "And, what?" "Are you a millionaire?" "No." "That's a shame." "Why?" "Isn't that the reason you write?" "No." "Why the hell would you sit at home writing if […]

The Burden Of Feeling

Unhappiness is a terrible thing. It does not just appear, it sneaks up on you like a stalking tiger. One minute you are fine and every, single minute thereafter is an inexorable downward slide. You think you are alone in it and despite what others say, you are. Breaking the cycle of unhappiness can require […]