Of Butterflies and Moths

A butterfly in a tiger’s world, she radiated beauty where moments ago there was none. Whilst others disputed and argued everything from the colour of their coffees to the tyres on their cars, she laughed at the moon and smiled at the clouds. She was perfect in an imperfect world. I never knew her to […]

Waving From The Wayside

 Somewhere over heart’s despair A husband lost to ocean’s rage. She walks their dog, as always has, Hoping for his soul to see. I spy her on occasion, when the air is tight, When sky and earth breathe as one And mists of faerie cross the breach. She hunts for him in that nowhere place, That world that slips from beneath reality’s covers. I […]

Love Rescinded

 Frozen in time Held in place I’ve only one vision Only one face Memory suspended  Locked beyond time Thinking of you The girl that was mine Wondering and praying If you will return Relight the fire Then ice it will burn Drift off to heaven As vapour on wind You and me, darling But love did rescind