Bordering Shadows

 Through shadow and night,
 As light does battle with shade,
 I claw at the boundaries of life.
 It is on these borderlines that such struggles take place.
 But there is little to distinguish between these two worlds of variant greys.
 There is no definition where definition is sought.
 And so the traveller walks the limbo line in his own personal purgatory.
 Mine is no different to any other’s,
 Or so I imagine.
 But the exquisite solitude is unmistakably my own.

Happily Mad

I’m partially unhinged
 Though you might call it odd
 Driving on three wheels
 Cool, but never mod
 A slightly different viewpoint
 Askew, but not astray
 I’m happy in my madness
 Each and everyday
 Joyfully untarnished
 By all that is this life
 A good job that I found me
 An equally crazy wife

 Disclaimer: if my wife should read the last two lines it is of a composite character made from various wives.

Delicate Rhythms

 When hearts and words collide,
 As rage and bile spew forth,
 It is only ever the heart that suffers.
 Words change with the wind,
 Syntax flowing like water to comply,
 Unaffected and ineffectual they adjust to suit.
 But not that most delicate of organs.
 Once the venom transfers
 It skips,
 Misses beats, falters, and even stops.
 So rein in those cruelties,
 Or you may lose those delicate rhythms of love.

No Regrets

 When the sun finally sets
 And dusk darkens from grey to black;
 When the moon deems not to rise
 And a bleak nowhere remains,
 I shall not regret the life I’ve lived.
 When stars twinkle from within, not without
 And infinity beckons,
 I’ll be smiling and waving goodbye.
 Life is too short for regrets
 And that final night too long to harbour them.