Hiding in Plain Sight

 Such a brilliant hiding place apart from one thing
 The trees are now bare and birds do not sing
 The Autumn has tricked you into reveal
 Please do not weep as it’s not a big deal
 I’ll pretend just for you that I didn’t see
 And you keep on hiding behind those two trees

Beyond the Perimeter

Standing at the perimeter looking in
 Watching the flashing smiles of glistening teeth;
 They’re false smiles, but smiles nonetheless.
 Everyone looks so happy with the sun shining down on them,
 Whilst I patrol the limitless shadows.
 One day I hope to step into their world,
 But it shall be on my own terms, not others.
 Until that day, I’ll watch, wait,
 And pretend to be happy just incase anyone sees me.
 After all, there’s always a chance.

Time-lapse Life

 Living in sections with gaps in between.
 Memories are fleeting, insubstantial ghosts;
 Even ghosts lived once though.
 Lucidity beckons, as does a yearning for clarity.
 But when it is the moments you don’t remember,
 When it is the snapshots that hold the key,
 Then how can you be sure if you’ve ever really lived at all?
 Such are the tribulations of a time-lapse mind.
 The only assurance being that there is none to be had,
 And if there was, you wouldn’t remember it.