Sing Me A Morning

 Sing me a sunrise
 Words full of light
 Rose petal moments
 To stave off the night
 Sing me a dawning
 Where waking’s a joy
 Where future is past
 And I smile like a boy
 Sing me a new day
 So promise flows out
 I hope it’s a good one
 To wash away doubt

 Image courtesy Michelle Marie / Don’t tell her but I tweaked it

Happiness Found

 She sat on the swing without a care in the world head thrown back and laughing to the sky. She couldn’t have been more than sixteen, and it showed. The world had still to break her spirit.
 I hid behind the trunk of an old oak transfixed by her carefree ways. She was everything I was not. It scared me in a way. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to be as happy as she.
 Then, the girl looked my way, red hair streaming in the wind, piercing blue eyes fixed on me. I melted.
 My life changed in a heartbeat in the meeting of our two very different pairs of eyes . And for the first time in my life, I thought happiness might not be so bad, after all.

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🔥INFERNO🔥 (Satan’s Dream)

 World of fire,
 World of flame,
 Burn for me
 In Satan’s name.
 Loose yourself,
 Consume in bliss,
 Help me to
 Escape Abyss.
 Cinders all
 Is what I seek,
 Revenge upon
 The blue, so weak.
 It is my dream,
 My one desire,
 That Earth should burn
 In Devil’s fire!

Always Summer

 Nestled in the dawn light,
 Snuggled between rays of summers gone,
 I lie thinking of you;
 Of the time spent dreaming together
 And the times spent yearning apart.
 Perhaps, when the first bite of autumn frost
 Nips at my bare skin,
 I shall forget you,
 Banish you to the warmer climes of my mind?
 Or, maybe, I shall seek out your memory all the more?
 It is yet to be discovered,
 Yet to be found.
 Time, they say, is the greatest healer
 And I hope with all my heart that is true.
 But like the seasons,
 You are and always will be,
 My summer love.

Rainy Days

 It’s raining again,
 A persistent spray,
 It does not strike
 Rather than slide across my skin.
 This morning feels different,
 More somber than normal,
 As I run through the lonely streets.
 I pace through a melancholy world
 In a melancholy state.
 A puddle licks at my ankle,
 A branch sheds it’s tears on my face,
 But I am already past the point of minding.
 The weather is set:
 A grey cast threatens to my left;
 The right is already lost,
 Yet I have never felt so one with the elements.
 On days like this,
 I wish I could run,
 And run,
 And run.