Lost & Found

To be lost amidst a landscape of hill and dale

Staring up at oceanic skies awash with foaming cloud

To be caught in the rainstorm and laugh it off

And be glad of deserted liquidity

Where unfamiliar becomes familiar

And twisted trees instead contort as dancers

Be it sun or snow, rain or shine

Cool lakes of pooling colours mirroring the dawn

I would say to you, my dear friend

That you are not lost, but finally found


 SHE gave birth to a monster. There was no denying, no disputing the fact it was a cold, hard truth.
 We’d all known it, of course. I think that even SHE had resigned herself to the fact long before IT was born.
 I’d done my best to help with the birth, as no doctor would go near HER. Who’d deliver a child with red skin and horns in the making, certainly no practitioner in his right mind.
 That was the problem with marrying a Demon; they begat more Demons. But, I suppose SHE could say the same of me. After all, we were a marriage made in Hell.

 (Image courtesy of m-a-t-h-e-s on deviantart.com)

Neon Parallels

 In neon they swim
 Tiny flashes of electric blur
 Bringing light to the depths
 Bringing hope to others who would feast on them
 Angels in miniature
 So silent, so small
 They fall as blazing snow through obsidian
 And hold me in raptures
 In neon they hang
 Illuminating the sin of the city
 Beacons to those who require them
 They buzz and fuzz and annoy
 Glare and advertise and sell
 Unnatural, they break up the dawn
 And I feel like I shall never be rid of them
 Two worlds
 Yet the same
 Neon parallels

Dark Times

 The night speaks to me with a tongue turned black.
 Dampened, as though in a fog, it whispers.
 I hear indistinguishable sounds, but the message is clear,
 ‘You will not see another day.’
 I am taunted, teased by echoes of storms in waiting.
 The darkness congeals and my body convulses,
 But I am unwilling to succumb.
 I will not succumb.
 And though I cling to an intangible wish,
 I know that dawn will soon break
 And the night shall be banished.
 At least, for a time.
 Yes, for a time.

Value of Life

 Wondrous light of fracturing night
 Does shine on me through beauteous light
 To seal the holes in porous heart
 Where life dissolves to fall apart
 And seal the wounds from twisted minds
 I apologise if you deem unkind
 But so few in humble eyes
 Value the gift we call our lives