The Darkening

 First dark evening of the season.
 Autumn pulls the sheets up high.
 A swathe of night before it’s time
 Sent to test the daylights resolve.
 Perhaps, the clocks have already changed?
 But the streetlights get chance to shine,
 And the moths to take early flight.
 Such is the changing of the seasons
 A time when the darkening takes hold.

Between The Dawn

 There is a place where the light is grey and dreams merge with reality. Shifting, as the winds made seen, the air we breathe navigates the magic of the in between.
 Neither light nor dark, gloom nor doom, one day hangs in the balance as another clings to life. It is a time for ghosts to pause, spectres to rethink their prey and witches to make their beds.
 I have walked the shadow of the morn for millennia untold; I shall for many more. I am the dawn, and thou shalt not pass through life without meeting me at least once each day, my friends. Remember that when it is the dusk that comes for you. Yes, remember that then.

 Image courtesy Michelle Marie


 Unthread your head
 That’s what they try to do
 Forcing full of falsities
 Until it comes unglued
 Feeding you with lies
 Packed with silver string
 Abounding with untruths
 But they don’t mean a thing
 Until you come to realise
 That your head is all your own
 So they can go un‐threading
 Whilst you just smile at home

The Traveller

 There is no view,
 No life beyond the next footstep.
 A world in mists to some.
 No more than a passage
 From here to there.
 But not to the traveller.
 For within their realm
 Of non-blinkered existence
 The traveller is free.
 It matters not where they go,
 Only that they do.
 They shall see what the world looks like
 When they get there.