Shadows fall
 Across my path,
 Forcing me to choose
 To step over,
 To step right through.
 I will not be diverted
 By the ephemeral,
 I haven’t
 The time.
 Let the shadows fall;
 Let the silent roar;
 For cometh the night,
 I’ll still be walking
 Whilst they’ll
 Be gone.

Tears Without Answer

 The tears I shed
 Merged with the incessant rain.
 So many memories
 Lost amongst the world’s own pain.
 I stood by our favourite tree
 And traced my fingers over gnarled bark.
 The hearts we’d carved there as kids
 Filled slowly with water.
 It was a weeping willow;
 The irony was not lost on me.
 So many questions,
 So many unanswered thoughts,
 But only one stood out
 On that wettest of days:


 You swept into my life,
 A warm scirocco wind
 Drying the tears of the past,
 Scorching my heart
 With your heat,
 Scrubbing me clean
 With Saharan sands.
 You were elemental,
 A necessity of life,
 And for a time we loved as none before.
 But, no sooner had the storm that was you
 Mesmerised me, enraptured me,
 With your arrival,
 Like the wind you so resembled,
 You swept away.
 It will be a cold winter of waiting,
 Seasons of northern cold;
 Eastern promise;
 And western dreams;
 Before my southern scirocco returns:
 I shall wait.

Awash in Indigo

 Soul awash in indigo
 Strangest light, but pure as snow.
 Warming places long gone cold,
 Places that I thought I’d sold.
 Is this light eternal rest,
 Or just the sun a touch perplexed?
 Better still I’ll dream it’s you
 Come o’er sea to aid my view,
 To warm me in your violet charms;
 The place to be within your arms.
 Yes, I like this soothing light,
 I’ll pray to stay here every night.

Slave: No More

 I was a slave with only one thought: you! I knew it should have been escape, release from the chains of bondage, but it was not.
 I had been a farmer caught up in a street riot. The banks of the Nile were my home, not the wicked streets of the city. The guards had beaten me; spat at me; called me a liar, hurt me. I had been assigned the death warrant of pyramid construction: I would not have long, and I knew it. The walking dead they were called, and I was their newest recruit. But, then came our Queen, my Queen.
 You stepped out from behind muslin sheets and stole my heart. Skin of molten copper, hair of finest silk, the figure of a goddess was yours, but it was your eyes that would enthral and stir my dreams. I looked at those darkest orbs, and fell into the chaos of obsession.
 I told myself that you saw me, smiled even, although, in truth, I knew it a lie. But it was this bending of reality that would see me through the bad times, the painful times, until I could be with you, my destiny.
 And now, as I stand over your sleeping form the agony of three years, two months, and ten days a slave, I know to wake you is freedom. The sands of time have been mastered, the desert heat born with resilience all for this moment. You will look at me, know me, and I will be a slave no more. Or, I will wake.
 And that would be the biggest torment of all.

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 We sow the seeds celestial
 Like petals in the breeze,
 Instead of crossing oceans
 They sail obsidian seas.
 Souls await departure
 To berth amongst the stars,
 To dream the universal
 Where eternity is ours.
 In infinite obsession,
 Our minds shall witness all
 Right back to the beginning
 Celestial, and newborn.


 Ghouls and ghosts
 They stalk my dreams,
 Spectres past
 With constant screams;
 Faces mixed
 With shade and spite,
 But won’t take me
 Without a fight.
 They seek to haunt
 And cause unrest,
 Mess with mind
 And force distress.
 Night is theirs,
 But day is mine,
 And whilst it’s dark
 I bide my time.
 For with the sun
 The daylight blooms,
 And for a while
 I escape my doom.