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Hello everyone.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you enjoy the stories and poetry posted here. Most of the works are now new after having given the site a seven-year makeover.

As for me, what can I say? I live to write and write to live. The best of both worlds. I write far too much and hoard most of what I do, hence here. My website is a little place to highlight, and hopefully have people enjoy, the ones that got away.

I am the English author of The Eternals dark fantasy series – (Please see more about my Novels on their own page).. I have featured in Expanded Field Journal, Love Letters To Poe, After The Pause, and feel privileged to have appeared in many more.

When not writing, I love reading, running, all sports, and walking through beautiful scenery. If I lived in view of a mountain with a stream running through the bottom of my garden, I’d never resurface. I have the world’s worse memory and have caffeine-laced blood.

I have two sayings: 1. I’d rather be a happy pauper than a wealthy zombie. 2. Never give up on your dreams, and never let anyone tell you you’re not good enough. You can be.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoy the poetry and prose on the site.

PS: You’re supposed to write these in third person, and professionally I would, but when dealing with friends, that’s far too impersonal. 

Yours Sincerely


Richard M. Ankers

Please feel free to find me on or in:

Twitter: @Richard_Ankers

Goodreads Author Page: Richard M. Ankers

Amazon Author Page: Richard M. Ankers

Contact me@   richard@richardankers.com


Writing Credits


Britannia Unleashed: Published by Next Chapter (LATEST RELEASE!)

The Eternals: Book 1 In The Eternals Series: Published by Next Chapter

Hunter Hunted: Book 2 In The Eternals Series: Published by Next Chapter

Into Eternity: Book 3 In The Eternals Series: Published by Next Chapter


The Snow Lily (UPDATE for those kind souls who have asked: On hold for rewrite): Authonomy.com by HarperCollins – Gold Medal Winner


Short Fiction

DarkWinter Literary Magazine: Staring at a World Gone By (09/03/23)

Compass Rose: The Lost and the Dreamers

The Violet Hour: Louvred

Dream Noir: And. . .

Noctivagant Press: To Indigo Lost

Suburban Witchcraft Issue 3: Of Watching Mercury Flowers Bloom

Verum Literary Press: The Lighthouse Moon

Flora Fiction Literary Magazine: Unconventional Rita and the Water Fountain

Paragraph Planet: The Visitor

MasticadoresIndia: Ghosting

DarkWinter Literary Magazine: The Butterfly Heart Paradox

Filter Coffee Zine: Truths Told

Madhouse Books: Irregular Constructions (The Clockwork Chronicles Anthology)

Lothlorien Poetry Journal: Moonscapes and Melancholy

Lothlorien Poetry Journal: The Endless Night

Noctivagant Press (Issue 3): Cooler than the Sun

Typeslash Review: The Gossamer Curtain

White Enso (kaidankai): This Dust Between Us (Also in Audio)

Noctivagant Press (Issue 2): The Night Rain

Expanded Field Journal: Featherless

Noctivagant Press (Issue 1): Ancient in Ultramarine

After the Pause: The Taken Hand

Love Letters To Poe: The Human in Me (Also in Audio)

Distant Shore Publishing: Is This Leningrad?

Black Poppy Review: The Watched

The Dawntreader: Oaken Yearnings

Bunbury Magazine: The Longest Fall

Once Upon A Broken Dream: Creativia Anthology: Sapphire Heartbreaks

Phantaxis Issue 1: In Glass

DailyScienceFiction.comAndroid One 

The Fable OnlinePhoenix Burned 

Specklit.comCold Freedoms / Racing the Dead / Mermaid’s Tears

Devolution ZNocturne

Nonlocal Science Fiction Issue 4Filtered Blue

Third Flatiron Publishing ‘The Time it Happened’ anthology: Armada Of Snow

Leap Books ‘Fright Before Christmas’ anthology: Clockwork Christmas

Litbreak.comPrimal Actions / Lost Lights / Glass Spiders

The New Accelerator Issue 4,  iTunes digital magazine: Iced Hearts At World’s End

The Tophat Raven issue 2 (issuu.com): Hope

Quaterreads.com (now defunct) : Hush, Little Darlin’ / In The Arms Of A Dream / Spectral Nazis & The Empress Of Steam / Washed Away


Published to Spillwords.com

The Dying Time

This Frost Upon Me

The Last (18/01/2023)


Published to Gobblers and Masticadores


The Boom Bangers

The Melancholy Divide

Patterned in Ebony

Of Loss and its Challenges

This Extraordinary Divide

Sleeping with the Lies

The Silent Raven Calls



Impspired: With Gina Maria Manchego – The Winter Lily

Lothlorien Poetry Journal: With Gina Maria Manchego – Other Autumns



Poetry as Promised Issue 3: The Frosting

Suburban Witchcraft Issue 4: The Pain and The Calm

Ephemeral Elegies: Crumbling

Molecule: Ice Sheets

fēlan Issue 1: The Heat (poem) Not Quite

fēlan Issue 2: Nightly

fēlan Issue 3: Beautiful (poem) Smile 

fēlan Issue 4: Wetted (poem) Melancholy Moon

fēlan Issue 5: NO! (poem) & Guest Judge

fēlan issue 10: Ignition

The Tophat Raven issue 1: Lacrimosa (poem)/ My Angel (poem)/ Lost Gulls (haiku)


Thank you for reading


Richard M. Ankers


560 thoughts on “About / Writing Credits

  1. Reading for me is like fine dining. There are many feasts on your blog 🙂
    thanks for visiting mine and choosing to follow – it’s so affirming to know others enjoy my work enough to want to read more of it.

    1. Thanks for the nomination but I do WP from my phone so can’t do these properly. Thanks for thinking of me though and you deserved yours. 😄
      Jeez, hope that sounded right. Read like I was having you done over LOL

      1. hahaha…I get it man. I don’t usually do these awards but I did have some questions I wanted to ask the writers I look up to…so I figured what the heck!

        Have a great day Richard!

  2. I like your site and it’s content. It is great, relatable and artistic. It also makes me wonder constantly why you would like the ramblings on my site?
    Although I appreciate it a lot.

  3. Man you are awesome. You are like a role model to me. I spend a lot of time on my blog but a lot of people say that flash fiction/short story blogs don’t work, I just point them in the direction of your blog and arrogantly reply ..”you were saying “. So thanks for that man.

  4. Awe- inspiring. I’ll never forget the urge to leave your job. I aspire to be a writer , but never knew that people love writing to THIS extent. Vive l’ écriture.

  5. It is a pleasure to find someone who shares my thoughts. I enjoy your posts daily. You are a faithful visitor to my blog and for that I am grateful. I appreciate your company. J

  6. I m just wondering how one makes a career in writing…what i mean is how one earns a livelihood ….because I want to pursue a career in writing and its really tough from what I gather…advice?

    1. I think you have to do it for the love and work very hard. You can’t assume to earn enough from writing alone. If you manage to, then you’ve done well. Just write lots, write well and submit it. 🙂

  7. Lovely to read your ‘Motivation’ part. Would be nice if more have the same Life Motive!

      1. Take the first one! 🙂 Me myself quit a job to dedicate to the writting for a while. Keep on living your dream job!!

  8. I really like how your blog has been differently set out, nice work 🙂
    i am new here and trying to understand how blogging works by visiting other bloggers and so far i notice that your blog stands out 🙂
    would you like to check out mine? 😀

  9. Richard, after reading your first in the trilogy, The Eternals, it strikes me you are so much more than merely a blogger. You are the very coveted thing so many seek and few actually can become. A writer. A true, gosh-darn writer. I find increasingly that ‘modern’ writing such as that pushed out of the wombs of MFA writing programs, are terribly predictable, staid, formulaic and most of all – soulless. Your writing is redolent with the old-world charm and brevity of those great writers we cry over and wish we could emulate. I know without doubt your vision with The Eternals and beyond, will take you to exactly where you deserve to be, in every book shop, and hopefully most people’s book shelves. Long live the art of writing. You give it a good name.

  10. Hello Richard. I once followed your blog as “Panikikubik” and then I stopped writing for various of reasons. Now I’m back on wordpress, and I’m glad I found your blog again, It wil be a joy to read your good poems and writing. Have a wonderful weekend and I hope everything is fine. /Lotta

  11. Thanks for reading my blog series! 🙂
    Fellow bloggers – come check it out
    Based on true events …. and 50 Shades.

  12. M glad that you chose your happiness and passion over corporate!
    I myself have always been on the side of chasing passion and not money! 🙂
    Wish you success and happiness! 🙂

  13. I would rather be a happy pauper than a wealthy Zambie! What a profound statement. I envy you for being able to make the choice. Apparently you made the right choice and be happy in it. That’s the only thing matter. How many great music composers got rich and be recognized during their lifetime? Only hundreds of years later, that we recognized them and someone else make a fame and fortune out of them… Don’t let me drag on… Happy for you and glad to see what you have accomplished so far. Will come back to read more of your great work. Oh, thank for the follow.

  14. Richard, thanks so much for following back. I came to your site via Sue Vincent and absolutely love your covers for your Eternals series – stunning! Very good luck with the award – hope you get lots more votes.

  15. Nice to meet you, Richard. Hugh’s blog has sent me your way, and I’m glad I found your site. Your story is inspiring, and your new book looks to be wonderful. I am a preschool teacher with a passion for writing about all that happens in my classroom- great stories of inspiration and true education. I look forward to reading and following your blog. -Jennie-

  16. From one ex retail bod to another I salute your success and so far have enjoyed my visit. We have a stream at the bottom of our Somerset garden that draws my imagination and inspires me,. I am pleased to have wandered this way and cordially invite you to sup tea from my china as you rest a while on occasion at my humble abode. 😇

  17. With any field of art, it always seems like you’re jumping off an iceberg when first trying to turn it into a career. But it looks like you’ve managed to fine a great spot in the writing world.Nice website and great story too.

  18. Richard, Could I be an author friend too? I need more traffic and not sure how to achieve that. I co-authored and edited “Apple’s Song” on Amazon.com. I also have my poetry site. Thanks!

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