Our Essence

We tumbled, drifted, tumbled again Just us against the wind, You and I, me and you, Leaves in a tempest, Feathers on the wing; Watching our lives pass With smiles on our faces Never wondering when we’d land, Nor if there we’d settle Like snowflakes made snow, Blanketing the bad world So all we’d know […]

Through Eternity’s Curtains (Part 3)

We knew them as black holes. One such universal behemoth was bad, two, doubly, a wall of them, horrific. The great beasts sucked the colour from the sky like paint pots poured down multiple drains. The holes in space and time even took those angelic voices, wrenched them from the fabric of everything and stole […]

Drifting Away

 Faceless, I resist the passage of time; the stars made multiplied through my obsidian maw. I see all there has been and all there will be, yet feel nothing. Nothing! Time will do such things to those who fight eternity, who refuse to pass. I do not refuse, I’ve just forgotten how to get […]

The Space Between

The Space Between The space between Dark blue and black Differing shades of forever Where pointing fingers linger And eyes do blink The stuff of dreams gathering Like nocturnal memories No lights required Just open minds Stardust and magic Little parcels of eternity Destiny and hope Children praying for shooting stars Adults too Never has […]


Written I saw Her in the Moon, felt Her in the stars. As night fell each evening, a smothering cocoon of darkness pulling me beneath its obsidian comforts, I took a deep breath and dived into immortality. Every night the same. Every night unwanted. The bane of forever weighed heavy on my heart. I sought […]