Black Satin

 The night drips around me in liquid satin, a perfect black. I can taste its velvety texture, hear its thrumming silence, sense the still. The pause before the final breath, the hush before the breaking storm, darkness slips its fingers around my throat and squeezes with the subtle kindness of a misplaced love. I […]

50 Word Stories: Into Eternity

Whilst the sun drips away, sorrow purges dead veins like sea ice flowing to the heart. Yet, hope remains of a place beyond places where lovers might live in peace and the gentle thuds of a chest in motion beguiles what melancholy has disenfranchised. Two wait to step into eternity. Into Eternity (Coming very soon!) […]

Mouldering in Time

Author’s Note: When I first started writing The Eternals Series one of the major stumbling blocks I attempted to overcome was one I felt others authors had neglected: the true effects of time. If one could not die, how would it affect one’s sanity, especially if the minds in question deteriorated where the bodies did […]

50 Word Stories: Nocturnal

 Staring at the moon was more than a pastime, more than a fad, for we had no time for such trifles. The celestial seeped into our bloodstreams each night turning crimson to silver, warmth to enduring cold, desire to determination. We would last forever, hands held, eyes locked, eternally nocturnal.


  Ghostlike, I drift, A harmless melody Transposed over A lyrical note.   Inelegant stars twinkle Reluctant hellos; I am no more to they Than they to me.   Questions without answers, Facts made mischief, Eternity torments But beckons still.   Is this my destiny Is this what passes for life Here in the nothingness, […]

Of Melancholy & Regret

Of Melancholy & Regret He sits in the shade of a shadow of a night, his glower deeper than dark. The old chair, riddled with woodworm yet younger than he, does not creak once despite his rocking back and forth. He is weightless. He is gone. The light of a saucer moon trembles through the […]


“I’ve never seen scars like these.” She traced the ripped flesh across his back, the contusions, the dried blood. She’d have wept if not for his tender smile. “I removed them,” he said in a voice deeper than time. “Why?” “So I might never leave you, nor ever be made.” “Then, you are?” “Was.” She […]