If this hurt of teeth and talons renders numb

Or slashing words and blunt-nosed answers

Tied up with twine, perhaps a handcuff, too

Fails to bring a stinging stimulus

Then what’s the point in pain, my love

If ever there was one, yes, if ever

Has it vanished, upped and left, retracted

Fluttered away on cold breaths and steam

Impaled itself upon a willow strip

Just gone. All gone. Run away forever

Left a soul in need of something suddenly pain-less


11 thoughts on “Pain-Less

  1. Oh my goodness I was just thinking about you. I was coming to your blog to leave you a message. Then I see this…I’m thinking gosh without the pain we seem to not grow…not sure why that is. Be in physically or mentally we do grow if we allow it. We need to catch up. I love when you pop in with your beautiful words. 🙂

  2. Like you, I think pain is valuable, in that it teaches us far better than anything else can. But afterwards, that can be special too…
    The image said it all…

  3. I saw this re-blogged on Michael’s site

    And I realized just how long it’s been since I visited here – my apologies.

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