A Practicing Darkness

Photo by Mathew MacQuarrie on Unsplash
Photo by Mathew MacQuarrie on Unsplash

Eyes open to a jet-black sky
tinged with ebony doubts.
This is the circumference of my dream.
This is my inhabited nightmare.
Gone is the golden sun,
departed are the sparkling stars,
all those things that make living magical
replaced by vagaries and uncertainty.
Yet through this uncertainty runs
a solidity of thought,
though depressing, morose even,
it is no less a backbone to despair,
for I am stronger in the darkness
than ever I was in our beauteous reality,
and it is here I shall thrive.
Don’t pity those who wish for death,
we’re just getting in some practice.

Thank you for reading

Richard M. Ankers
Author of the brand new steampunk extravaganza Britannia Unleashed.


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