Without Purpose – The Dreamer

Photo by Batuhan Doğan on Unsplash
Photo by Batuhan Doğan on Unsplash

The purposeless are, by their very definition, without purpose. And, they say a man without purpose is a man without life. But what of dreams?

There is no purpose to a dream other than to release the mind of the burden of memory. A dream collates the recent past and merges it with the distant to form an almost reality. This reality is lived through on fast-forward to cram as much new experience into as few minutes as possible, or else what was the point?

My father said dreams existed to fill in a blank, one he preferred, which also accounted for his claims of not having them. Perhaps this meant he was a man of purpose, for whom dreams therefore served no purpose.

I, however, am proud to have no purpose. I am purposeless. This is a state I revel in. In truth, I sometimes wish I’d never wake up. Often, I’m uncertain whether I have.

This dreamer will continue to dream.

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Richard M. Ankers
Author of the brand new steampunk extravaganza Britannia Unleashed.
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4 thoughts on “Without Purpose – The Dreamer

  1. Dream as much as your heart desires. Our minds will enjoy space in these spells you share with us, ones far from the realities of our mundane existence.

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