Ageless Angel

She was that age, that ageless something

Between rose petal cheeks and silver waves of fascination

Where the foundations moved but the plans never changed

Where her eyes only ever shone brighter, more acutely than before

Piercing like twin stars set in her own personal heaven

A girl with a woman’s knowing, woman with a girl’s innocence

The sort of carefree soul who bought coral rings just to remember other people’s dreams

It was easier for her living through the dreams of others, I think

As she had no time to waste on her own

I’ve forgotten what they called her because her name never really mattered

Not to those who shared her timeline, her space, her place

A name, as with the asking her age, was pointless

For whoever took the time to speak to the wind

When the only thing that mattered was feeling it rustling their hair

No, her name was only sought by those determined to tame her

To mould and conform her; they might as well have bottled an ocean

Elemental, unbridled, let loose on us all

An ageless angel without a prayer of surviving, she couldn’t have cared any less

And when I was with her, neither could I

Yet, now, I wished I’d known it

Guessed or made up something to define her soul

To capture the uncapturable even if but for a day

I suppose I will until my own spark fades

And all those dreams with it of her body pressed to mine


48 thoughts on “Ageless Angel

  1. Wow…. that was somethin’! She was somethin’ else! Oh, to be remembered like that… I love what you’ve captured here, Richard. Or perhaps uncaptured? There’s a new word for ya. Ha!

  2. Breathtaking Richard, as is the wind. You’ve been taking me away to other places, people and dreams for years now and the journey only seems to get better. It was truly breathtaking. On a funnier note, I was reading through your comments and saw where you said that losing your birth certificate also makes you ageless … not only a suburb writer and poet, but a real comedian LOL. Thank you for sharing such a lovely piece of yourself. ❤

  3. This takes my breath away, Richard. I’m so glad to see you again.

    I mentioned you a couple times to Hugh W. Robert. I told him I remember you helped him launched his first book. I mentioned you again a few days ago about the writer’s resources you have on your blog. 🙂

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